International Choir Competition Prof. Georgi Dimitrov and National Festival of Children’s and Youth Choirs

In 1982 the competition was named after the prominent Bulgarian composer Georgi Dimitrov - the founder of the contemporary Bulgarian choral school.

Since 1989 the International May Choir Competition has been a member of the Organizing Committee of the Grand Prix Europe International Contest, held consecutively in Arezzo (Italy), Debrecen (Hungary), Tour (France), Maribor (Slovenia), Varna ) and Tolosa (Spain).

The six above mentioned choir competitions are among the most prestigious in Europe and have gained recognition due to their long tradition, good organization and high artistic level.

Venues: Festival and Congress Center-Varna and outdoor stages
Organizer: Varna Municipality 
For contact: Gancho Ganchev, Chief Expert – tel. 052/ 820 667, mob. 0889 91 94 26; 

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