Varna Summer International Theater Festival


The Varna Summer International Theater Festival is the theater event of largest international dimensions in Bulgaria. It is held every year between 1 and 11 June in Varna within the framework of the Varna Summer Festival of Arts. Its main purpose is to present the leading trends of Bulgarian and international stage practice and to create a space for intercultural dialogue, exchange and to be a showcase. The program is structures as a mosaic of modules. "Selected Bulgarian Performances" is focused on the achievements of Bulgarian scene during the current season. The international selection presents a variety of stage forms and leading trends from Europe and the world. The Showcase program focuses on innovative productions of contemporary theater, dance and performance presented to international theater managers. The parallel program is open to a variety of partner initiatives, discussions, workshops, theoretical conferences, lectures, book presentations, exhibitions and concerts.

Venues: Drama Theater, State Puppet Theater – Varna, City Art Gallery, City Art Gallery, Archeological Museum and others 
Organizers: Via Fest Foundation - Varna Summer International Theater Festival
Partners: Ministry of Culture, Varna Municipality
For contact:  tel. 02/988 44 82; email:; 

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